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Hebei Zhenxing Chemical Rubber Co., Ltd. is located in the chemical park of gaoguzhuang Town, Shenzhou City, Hebei Province. The company was founded in 1990, covering an area of 20000m ², Building area 12000m ² With fixed assets of more than 5 million yuan, there are 135 employees, including more th···



  • Triaryl phosphate

    First, the basic material parameters of the product

    Triaryl Phosphate Product Name: Cumopropyl Phenyl Phosphate English Name:REOF···

  • Triethyl phosphate (TEP)

    Triethyl phosphate (TEP)

    English name: Triothyl Phosphate & nbsp; & nbsp; Formula: (CH3CH2O) 3PO & nbsp; & nbsp; Molecular we···

  • Flame retardant (TCEP)

    First, the flame retardant chemical name: three (β-chloroethyl) phosphate abbreviation: TCEP

    Second, the formula:C 6H12O4CL3P Molecular weigh···

  • Trichloropropyl phosphate (TCPP)

    1: TCPP: trichloropropyl phosphate Chinese name: tris (2-chloropropyl) phosphate


    3: pure trichloropropyl phosphate is ···

  • (2,3-dichloropropyl) phosphate (TDCPP)

    First, the product description:

    1, the product structure: molecular weight: 428.

    2, Product Name:

    Chinese: tris (2,3-dichloroprop···